PacketShaper 11.x: "setup reset all" command does not delete measurement data


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PacketShaper S-Series


In legacy PacketShaper software version, the setup reset all command deletes all measurement data, but it does not work this way in PS 11.x. 


In PS 11.5.1:

setup reset clear removes the folders that store all the configurations, including measurement data.
setup reset all is the same as setup reset. It resets the PacketShaper settings (for example, NIC speed and IP address, but not the traffic tree) to the factory default state, and then reboots the unit.



Blue Coat has resolved the issue in the PS release.
Please upgrade to PS or later.



Use one of the following CLI commands:

  • setup reset clear
  • measure reset after boot up

Note: PacketShaper will restart if you run the setup reset all command.