Error "Long object is not iterable" while trying to import latest SSL Visibility Version 3.9.2.x to 3.9.3.x Certificates


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


After upgrading to the latest version of SSL Visibility software, you attempted to upload the updated CA certificates and got an error message "Long object is not iterable".


Uploading the .pb7 file in the wrong place will cause an error of "Long object is not iterable" to be displayed. Certificate updates that are downloaded when downloading updated versions of SSL Visability software are external certificates. The .pb7 files should be added using the PKI > External Certificate Authorities menu item.


The .pb7 files are to be downloaded and then added using the PKI > External Certificate Authorities menu item.

As noted in the Release Notes:

To import the PKCS#7 encoded external CA certificate file (such as sslv_3.8.3_to_3.9.2.1_ca_ 
certificates.p7b), follow this procedure.
a.  Go to the PKI > External Certificate Authorities Lists window and select the all-external-certificate-authorities list.
b.  In the External Certificate Authorities panel below, click Add to browse to the file, then click OK. You should see an "Upload Successful" message.
c.  On the bottom of the External Certificate Authorities Lists window, click Apply next to the PKI Changes message.

The external CA certificate file, for example, sslv_3.9.2.1_to_sslv_3.9.3.1_ca_certificates.p7b, incrementally updates the CA certificates list provided in previous sslv_3.x.x_to_3.x.x_ca_certificates.p7b files. Import the CA certificate file to update the external CA certificates list.