How do I Implement Effective Client IP so that the Client IP can be Reported in SIEM Devices?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


How do I implement Effective Client IP so that client IP can be reported accurately in SIEM devices?


  1. Go to the ProxySG Management Console > ConfigurationPolicy >  VPM and click Launch.
  2. Select the Policy menu and choose Add Web Access Layer.
  3. Name the new layer Effective IP and click OK.
  4. Select the Edit menu and choose Reorder Layers.
  5. Move the Effective IP layer to the bottom of the list. This ensures that it is the final layer to be processed. Click OK.
  6. Click Add Rule.
  7. Set the fields in this rule as follows: Source: any, Destination: Any, Service: Any, Time: Any, Action: Set - New - Set Effective Client IP and select "Use the original client address as the effective IP address"
  8. Click OK and Install policy
With above policy in place, every request processed by proxy will report the effective client ip to upstream devices.

  • Global policy tracing (Policy > Policy Options > Default Policy Tracing) must be disabled for this to function as expected.
  • When not in use, Blue Coat recommends that the effective IP address layer is disabled.