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Portal 4.2 - OVA root password


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Preparing on a Portal 4.2 installation, downloaded the OVA and started to provision the VM as described at the link below:

Now I am at these steps:

17. SSH into the system as the root user.

18. You are prompted to enter a new password for root. 

    We recommend changing this password accordingly.

19. When you reach the terminal, type the following command:

     passwd portal

20. When prompted, enter a new password for the Portal user.

     The VM is provisioned and the default password for the root user is changed to the Portal user. 

However when connecting with Putty on SSH as root it prompts me for the password.

Could you provide the default password for root on this VM?



Portal 4.2


use portal/7layer, reset this default password (e.g. Portal Enforces secure password, [email protected] works) and sudo -s to root from that user. 

Additional Information

Doc should be updated to reflect steps to login as root and what default users and security requires, including any expiry/non-expiry of default users.