Blue Coat SSL Visibility Host Categorization license shows expired even though license should be active.


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


A user may have a one year Host Categorization license installed on the SSL Visibility appliance and has renewed the license, but the services utilizing host categorization are failing.  


If a user's one year license for Host Categorization expires on their SSLV appliance, a manual update of the new license is required in order for  Host Categorization services to be restored.  For example, a user has a one year license expiring on Jan 1, 2016.  They are aware of this and contact Customer Care to renew their license. Their expectation may be that host categorization services would continue uninterrupted. However, this is incorrect. The new license must be installed on the appliance for the service to be active after the expiration date of the original license.



To verify the date of the license, either of two methods can be used. The first is to view the license expiration date from the Platform Management (Hostname.Domain) > License menu, under Expiration Date. If the date is not clear, the user can utilize the Monitor > Diagnostics menu, selecting the Policy check box.  After downloading the diagnostics the user can open the license folder and review the license.txt file for details.

Component: Blue Coat Host Categorization
Display name: 
Expiration type: Perpetual
Expiration date: 
Seconds left until expiration: 4294967295 

If the expiration date has passed, you must upload the renewed license file to the appliance. The original (expired) license can be removed.