How to Troubleshoot CachePulse Database Update Failures on a ProxySG Appliance


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Asset Management Solution Data Center Security Monitoring Edition ProxySG Software - SGOS



  • ProxySG appliance Management Console shows Health: Critical 
  • Management Console > Statistics > Health Monitoring > Subscription > CachePulse Communication Status: CachePulse failed on initial download > State: Critical
  • Event log found below error message:
    • "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): CachePulse failed on initial download"
    • "Failed trying to download the CachePulse subscription file"


According to the CachePulse download details in the Management Console > Configuration > Proxy Settings > General > CachePulse > Last attempt: â€‹% Device is not entitled to download CachePulse Database.
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  1. Verify that this ProxySG appliance has a valid CachePulse license. Verify on Symantec Licensing Portal.
  • If the appliance does have a valid license, make sure the CachePulse trial license which will conflict with the production license 
  • If there is a trial license contact the Symantec Customer Care team via email ([email protected]) to remove the trial license

  • Check Configuration>Forwarding>Forward Hosts>Global Default and see if Use Forwarding for Administrative Downloads is checked.
  • If so, confirm this is the setting you need to use. If not, uncheck and apply to have these requests go directly out the firewall.
  • If it needs to go through a forwarding host, disable decryption for this traffic so the native certificate is seen by the proxy.
  • If using the firewall directly, similarly confirm the firewall or other intermediate device is not decrypting and presenting a foreign certificate that will not be trusted by this component of the proxy.