How to mitigate CDP 2.x Metadata Refresh and Search issues due to <> API endpoint being retired


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CDP for Salesforce


Salesforce has announced that will be retired as an API endpoint on January 4, 2016:

This change will affect customers who use Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Server (CDP Server) version 2.x.  The version 2.x CDP Server uses this API endpoint in many interactions, most notably:
  • When updating search results to reflect newly added or modified records.  The above change will prevent new and modified records from being searchable by users.
  • When refreshing metadata for your organization.  This change will prevent the CDP Server administrators from being able to update protection configuration when new objects or fields are added or when existing fields are modified (e.g., when API name of the field changes).
Customers who use CDP Server version and prior will be affected by this change.
In response to the change, Blue Coat has issued a version software patch for the CDP Server.  The update follows Salesforce’s most recent recommendations and does not use the retired API endpoint.  With the updated version of the CDP Server, all known issues related to API retirement are resolved.  The installation package for this release is available in the folder on Nexus repository.
This note is to announce availability of this release.  This release consists of:
  • PRS_Server_Version:

The packages are available for download to existing customers on Nexus.

Please note that as of January 4, 2016 we received several reports that the endpoint is still available to a number of our customers.  However, in order to minimize impact of business users our recommendation to customers is to update the CDP Server to version at the earliest opportunity.  Also note that 4.x customers are not affected by this change.