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The deprecation warning “url.application.operation” has been replaced by “request.application.operation” on the ProxySG appliance


Article ID: 168894


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Data Center Security Monitoring Edition ProxySG Software - SGOS


When installing policy in SGOS version, the ProxySG appliance displays Deprecation warning: request.application.operation. Previously, it displayed Deprecation warning: url.application.operation .
This is a known issue. The deprecation warning does not impact the functionality of the ProxySG appliance; when you install policy, the policy rules are applied.



To work around this known issue:
  1. Downgrade the SGOS to a version earlier than
  2. Launch the VPM.
  3. Click Web Access Layer.
  4. Make note of any Application Operation Objects or Request UL Operation objects in the Destination column, and then remove any Application Operation Objects or Request UL Operation objects.
  5. Click File > Install Policy on SG Appliance.
  6. Upgrade to SGOS version
  7. In the VPM, manually enter the rules you removed.