ASG S200 - Users Advised to Upgrade to and Reset Configuration


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG


When the S200 model of Advanced Secure Gateway appliance first becomes available (December, 2015) the software version installed is An issue has been uncovered in this release that will lead to errors when modifying some access log formats.

In addition to the above issue, Symantec recommends that all affected users upgrade their new ASG S200 appliances to version based on the other improvements made from one release to the next.



In addition to upgrading the version of software running on the appliance, the configuration should be cleared to resolve the issue highlighted in this article.
Follow the quick start guide included with the S200 appliance to perform the initial configuration, then: 

Upgrade to

  1. Log in to and log in with your Symantec credentials.
  2. Click on My Symantec and then selcect Software Downloads from the Downloads menu
  3. Locate Advanced Secure Gateway
  4. Download the image.
  5. Browse to the Proxy Tab in the Advanced Secure Gateway Management Console.
  6. Click Maintenance > Upgrade.
  7. Click Upload and browse for the image you downloaded in step 3.
  8. When the upload completes, click Restart to restart the appliance with the new version of software.

Restore the appliance to a factory default state:

  1. Connect to the appliance via serial console.
  2. Choose CLI, and enter enable mode with the en command and enable password.
  3. Type: restore-defaults factory-defaults and press enter.
  4. Confirm the command with enter. The appliance restarts.

Configure the appliance:

  1. Follow the prompts in the Serial Console terminal to configure the administration and networking details.
  2. Browse to the Web-based Management Console.
  3. In the Proxy tab, follow the steps included in the S200 Quick Start Guide to download the license, BCWF license, and to enable the Content Analysis subscription licenses.