Receiving "License not found" message upon upgrade to Cacheflow version 3.4.x


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CacheFlow Appliance Software


In CacheFlow version 3.4.x, the appliance requires that a license is installed in order to process traffic. If the appliance can access, the license will be downloaded and installed automatically the first time it boots, or with the CLI command, #license check-now. If the CacheFlow appliance is running 3.4.x and does not have a license, its traffic handling behavior is determined by the resource-overflow-action setting (either bypass or drop).


- Please check the following:
1) The CacheFlow appliance is able to access the domain "" over TCP_443
2) The CacheFlow "appliance-key" keyring is present and valid
3) Attempt to manually download the license with the command #license check-now

- If the above are checked to be valid, please log a case with Blue Coat support and include the following information:
1) Output for the following command:
 #show license
 #license check-now

2) PCAP filtered by:
 ip host expr "host or port 53 or icmp or arp"