Error "Unknown error response (203)" and ProxySG appliance cannot resolve DNS lookup


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The ProxySG appliance sometimes cannot resolve a DNS for a specific URL. The #test dns <URL> command responds with Unknown error response (203).


The issue might be caused by the ProxySG appliance writing the DNS cache to a disk with errors. Check the disk or the SCSI for errors, for example:
Storage400.5.5.1 00010002:04320002 
Storage400.5.5.2 411,834,672,517 
Storage400.5.5.3 815756967 
Storage400.5.5.4 1 
Storage400.5.5.5 1 
Storage400.5.6.1 00010002:04320002 
Storage400.5.6.2 423,066,698,949 
Storage400.5.6.3 816490580 
Storage400.5.6.4 1 
Storage400.5.6.5 1 
Storage400.5.7.1 00010002:04320002 
Storage400.5.7.2 496,635,027,908 
Storage400.5.7.3 816524404 
Storage400.5.7.4 1 
Storage400.5.7.5 1 
Storage400.5.8.1 00010002:04320002 
Storage400.5.8.2 555,685,187,983 
Storage400.5.8.3 816004991 
Storage400.5.8.4 1 
Storage400.5.8.5 1 
Storage400.5.9.1 00010002:04320002 
Storage400.5.9.2 392,964,227,765 
Storage400.5.9.3 815973862 
Storage400.5.9.4 1 
Storage400.5.9.5 1 



Take the disk offline to resolve the DNS query. You might have to reinitialize the disk or an RMA.