Setting rolling packet capture with increased size limit on ProxySG


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


As of SGOS, a packet capture can be set to exceed the previous hard coded maximum capacity of 100MB. Now, it will allow a capture up to 3% of the available system memory at startup (not to exceed 4GB). The default packet capture file size is still 100MB. Increasing the capacity of the capture file is done manually each time and cannot be set to automatically capture more than the default for future captures. The following instructions will show how to increase the maximum capacity of the packet capture file.



  1. In the ProxySG management console, go to Maintenance>Service Information>Packet Captures, and click the Start Capture button.
  2. In the Start Capture dialog box, select the radio button for Capture last ____ matching KBytes and enter the value of 4000000 in the empty field. 
  3. Click the Start Capture button.

   Packet capture - Start Capture dialog box showing last matching kbytes option selected and value or 4000000 entered in the field

Note: An expected error window will display. This message will let you know the maximum packet capture file size the ProxySG will accept. 

   Packet capture - Maximum capacity size error

Use the maximum value of the capsize you received in the error if wanting to obtain the largest packet capture file possible. Otherwise, enter a lesser value as needed. 

After closing the error message dialog box, start over.

Follow steps 1 - 3 again but this time on step 2, enter a value no greater than the max capsize value you received in the error.