How to block Firefox and Chrome browsers on the ProxySG appliance?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The user-agent string, used by a browser (including Firefox and Chrome) to represent itself, contains several tokens. Tokens provide specific details about the program making the request. Tokens vary among programs; the tokens in the browser user-agent string describe the browser, the operating system, and the current browser mode.


Block a browser

  1. Go to Configuration tab > Policy > Visual Policy Manager, and Launch the Visual Policy Manager.
  2. Create a new Rule in a Web Access Layer.
  3. Right·click to Set the Source field, then click New, and select User Agent.
  4. Check Chrome (all) and Firefox (all), and name the User Agent Object as ChromeAndFirefox.
  5. The Object ChromeAndFirefox as Source should now be seen. Right·click the Action field and select Deny.
  6. Install the policy, then close the window.