Block specific file types in WSS


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Web Security Service - WSS


You want to know how to block specific files types from user access in Symantec Web Security Service (WSS).


To block a file type

  1. Log in to the WSS portal.
  2. Navigate to Solutions > Content Filtering > Policy > Add Rule.
  3. Follow the wizard. You can accept the default for all attempts or apply stricter conditions.
    • Specify the Who; (source)
    • Specify From Where; (location).
    • Specify To Where; (destination).
    • Specify What; (action/user agent).
    • Specify When; (time applies).
  4. On the Limits page, specify the file type to block.
  5. On the Verdict page, determine what happens upon a block.
  6. After creating each rule, click Activate. The policy is activated.