Changes to WCCP assignment type causes WCCP negotiation issues


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


WCCP negotiation issues can occur when the following elements differ between the ProxySG appliance and your WCCP network devices:
  • Changing the Assignment Type from either Mask to Hash, or vice versa.
  • Changing the Source IP, Source Port, Destination IP or Destination Port.
  • Modifying the Primary Hash assignment.
  • Modifying the Alternate Hash assignment.
  • Modifying the Assignment Mask value.


WCCP Service-Groups must all use the same Assignment Type. 


All Assignment Type configuration settings must be identical on all devices within the WCCP Service-Group. Any changes to any device in the group will cause that device fail to negotiate to join that service-group.

For example, if you have four ProxySG appliances in a Service-Group and if you change the assignment type from Mask to Hash, you must modify the assignment type on all ProxySG appliances.


If you have a need for multiple assignment types in your WCCP network, create separate WCCP Service-Groups for each Assignment Type.