Task Queue is unusually high on Malware Analysis Appliance


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


You are experiencing a higher than expected amount of tasks in the queue.
Support may ask you for some statistical information to investigate this


Please provide the following information to help investigate if MAA is processing tasks as expected of if there is a performance issue:

Go to the System Info menu and select System Statistics in the MAA User Interface and create 4 graphs:

1. Tasks Complete - Last 24 hours
2. IntelliVM queue size - Last 24 hours
3. Tasks Complete - Last 7 Days
4. IntelliVM queue size - Last 7 Days

You can download these as jpeg images and other formats from the menu in the upper right corner of each statistics graph window.

Also, please also provide the output of:  https://<maa-ip-addess>/rapi/system/queues