How to use Volume Quota in ProxySG


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Data Center Security Monitoring Edition ProxySG Software - SGOS


Blue Coat introduced a new feature in SGOS 6.6.x called Volume Quota. With this feature, you can control the amount of data a user can receive during a period of time. This can be set for time period of Hourly, Daily or Weekly.
 This can be used to control how much data a user gets through ProxySG.

For using quota feature, ProxySG SGOS version needs to be a minimum of 6.6.x.


Before creating the policy, quota feature needs to be enabled by executing below command.

#(config) policy quota

Policy Configuration

  • Now launch Visual Policy Manager and add a new Web Access Layer.
  • Right click on Action and select Set.
  • Click on New… and select Volume Quota…
  • In the new window, configure the settings as required.
a) Quota Period
b) Amount to be allowed
c) Show warning when crossing a certain percentage of usage (optional)

Sample configuration below

Volume Quota Configuration

Above configuration is set to allow a user to receive only 50MB of data within a period of 1 hour. When the usage reaches 80% of the above set value (i.e. 40MB in this case), he will be issued a warning. After 1 hour the quota will get reset and user can continue to receive more data.

View the status of Volume Quota

Navigate to https://<Proxy IP>:8082/quota/volume

Volume Quota status page
Volume Quota View

  • Under Quota Name: enter the name of the Volume Quota object.
  • Select the period as per the object configuration in Quota Period:
  • Mention Username or IP address of the client  [use the Username displayed in https://<Proxy IP>:8082/Auth/User-Logins/Summary/Realm/]
  • Click View Quota

Resetting a Volume Quota manually

Navigate to https://<Proxy IP>:8082/quota/volume/reset

Volume Quota reset page
Volume Quota Reset

  • Mention the information for which you wish to reset the quota
  • Click on Reset Quota
  • For resetting all Volume Quotas to zero, click Reset all volume quotas