Recommended ICAP connections on ProxySG and Maximum ICAP connections supported on Content Analysis models


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Content Analysis Software - CA ProxySG Software - SGOS


What is the recommended value of concurrent ICAP connections to be configured on a ProxySG appliance?

What is the maximum amount of ICAP connections supported on the available Content Analysis models?


The ICAP settings in the ProxySG Management Console includes an option called Sense Settings. This option will always return the same value of 250 maximum number of ICAP connections.
This value may be too high for some models of Content Analysis, and can result in queued connections and potential instability.


Refer to this table to define the number of ICAP connections based on the model of Content Analysis you are running.

CAS Model

Recommended amount of
ICAP connections on ProxySG

Max ICAP concurrent
connections on Content Analysis

CAS-S200-A1 100 100
CAS-S400-A1 100 100
CAS-S400-A2 100 200
CAS-S400-A3 200 300
CAS-S400-A4 300 400
CAS-S500-A1 400 500
CAS-V100 100 100
CAS-VA-C4 100 100
CAS-VA-C8 100 200
CAS-VA-C16 200 300
CAS-VA-C32 300 400
CAS-VA-C64 400 500