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Can I configure an HTTP URL redirect on my CacheFlow appliance?


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CacheFlow Appliance Software


I have a ProxySG appliance, and I know that my CacheFlow appliance uses the same CPL. Can I create an HTTP redirect rule in CacheFlow as I do on the ProxySG appliance?


The redirect cpl code is working in ProxySG.

<Access> action.myredir(yes)

define action myredir
  request_redirect(302, "*)", "$(1)")

But has 3 errors when compiling in in Cache Flow 3.2.x

Compiling new configuration file: Inline configuration
Tue, 04 Aug 2015 07:24:15 UTC
Error: Invalid name for definition: 'action'
cpl.local:27: define action myredir

Error: Unknown tag: 'request_redirect'
cpl.local:28:   request_redirect(302, "*)", "http://www
Error: Unknown tag: 'end'
cpl.local:29: end

There were 3 errors and 0 warnings


HTTP redirect is not supported in CacheFlow policy.