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What is MissedPacketsCount in PacketShaper 'net nic' output?


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The MissedPacketsCount counter is incrementing in net nic output. What does that mean?



MissedPacketsCount indicates that PacketShaper is experiencing overload conditions such that it is unable to receive and process all incoming packets.



There was a known issue in older versions of PacketWise whereby PacketShaper would increment MissedPacketsCount even during moderate load. This was fixed in later releases (8.7.5 or above in 8.x branch and 9.2.1 or above in 9.x branch).

If you are seeing incrementing of the MissedPacketsCount counter in current versions of PacketWise, it could be due to overload or even momentary overload. If there an occasional burst of traffic, this could be due to excessive LAN traffic that is not intended to be shaped by PacketShaper. If the CPU average idle percent is also seen close to zero (0), then it could be a true overload; you may need to investigate further.