Enabling FIPS mode on SSLV OEM models


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Users of OEM supported SSL Visibility appliances who would like to enable FIPS mode are unable to do so. This article explains why it cannot be done.


FIPS approval applies to a specific software version and specific hardware model.  Blue Coat has FIPS approval for the Blue Coat branded software version 3.8.2f running on the SV1800, SV2800 and SV3800 models.  There is no FIPS approved version of any OEM branded software (e.g. SourceFire, VSS, Fidelis, etc.) that will run on the corresponding hardware.  If an OEM wants to claim FIPS approval for their corresponding version of SSL Visibility Appliance models, they will need to put their branded version of the software through FIPS approval process.

Also, you cannot apply Blue Coat branded SSL Visibility Appliance Operating System package to systems that are running OEM branded version of the software, so trying to install 3.8.2f on an appliance that is currently running OEM branded software will not work.