Licence Upload and AV Subscription on Content Analysis (CA)


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Content Analysis Software - CA


If the Summary doesn't answer your question, and perhaps the reason for searching for this article, then perhaps a short explanation of CA UI > System > Licensing may be in order.



Manual installation of the Content Analysis base license only includes the necessary elements to operate and if one is configured, send data to a sandboxing service. Anti-virus products are managed with a subscription-based license that requires that your Content Analysis appliance is connected to the Internet to retrieve and use.

Content Analysis systems check the cloud for AV updates several times a minute. During that probe, the license, engine, and pattern files for each AV product you have purchased is checked and verified.

Part of that check is a verification in Blue Coat's back-end database that the base license attached to a serial number, is correctly linked to the purchased AV products. That includes WhiteListing, which is also a subscription product similar to AV products.

Note: For information specific to linking AV & WhiteListing subscriptions to the VA or appliance serial number at please refer to KB 
000022089, Content Analysis System Virtual Appliance Birth Certificate which can be read at this URL: 


Currently there is not a work-around.