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How to potentially resolve an IMS status code 'IX' at CA File Master Plus RELOAD?


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS


How can I resolve the following error?

*** CAWK2700E  RELOAD processing terminated in response to an unexpected

*** CAWK2700E  IMS status code of 'IX' that occurred while performing 

*** CAWK2700E  insert in response to Extract Record


Release: ADFMIM00200-9.1-File Master Plus-for IMS


Please determine the segment where the IMS code 'IX' occurs and check whether it is a virtual segment.

If it is a virtual segment then there is no need to reload it. 
A possible solution can be to do the reload in two steps and exclude the virtual segment from the RELOAD process.

Also, in order to load the segments, all the physical and logical parents must exist - the reload utility cannot create missing segments for you.