License load command doesn't work on PacketShaper S-Series


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PacketShaper S-Series


Although the output from the license load CLI command says that the license has been updated, after rebooting the PacketShaper the unit still says the license is missing.


This may happen if the file was placed in a different directory other then the Public directory, and you failed to put in the proper path to the file location.   


Here are the simplified steps. 

  1. Get the license file from Symantec at
  2. Save the file to your local workstation. 
  3. Open a browser, log in to the PacketShaper, and click on Advanced UI
  4. Click on the Info tab and then File Browser.   
‚ÄčNote: The File Browser defaults to the Public folder.  Do not change the folder and upload to a different directory. (Only advanced users should upload to a different directory.)
  1. Click the Upload button and choose the license file. 
  2. Click Upload and wait for success message. 
  3. Open a CLI session to the PacketShaper.  
  4. Type: license load file://localhost/9.256/license_.bcl
Updating license from: file://localhost/license_.bcl
License is updated.
  1. Enter reset to activate the new license.
  2. After resetting the PacketShaper, type ver ver from the command line and confirm that the license has been updated.