SNMP monitoring shows PacketShaper free memory is low


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The memory utilization reported by the SNMP OID for PacketShaper shows free memory is low.


The memory utilization reported by the SNMP OID for PacketShaper does not reflect actual utilization. Therefore, Blue Coat does not recommend using this value to check the health of a PacketShaper.

PacketShaper pre-allocates memory to different features in the PacketWise software, even if there is no process utilizing the memory.

Regardless, the only time to be worried about PacketShaper's memory is if an allocation fails. A memory allocation failure indicates there is insufficient memory available and can cause issues. You can check these values by issuing the following commands in the CLI:

sys kmem pkt type
sys kmem com type

To monitor the memory allocation,  make sure there is a '0' value in the Fail column.