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How do I set the number of lines displayed on the ProxySG CLI before it pauses?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When issuing a command that provides more than a single page worth of information, the ProxySG CLI will present you with a note to press space to continue. This article details the command to issue to increase the number of lines that are displayed before presented with the prompt to press space to continue.


This behavior occurs by default, to make it easy to read page by page of information displayed on the Command Line Interface.


The line-vty command will remove this behavior. 

SG# conf t
SG#(config) line-vty
SG#(config line-vty) length 0

While a value of 0 results in no pause in CLI output, you may wish to simply extend the number of lines presented before the output pauses.  To do that, replace 0 with the number of lines you want to show on the screen. For example:

SG#(config line-vty) length 50

Additional Information

Length will get reset to the terminal window size when you re-size it (re-size putty terminal)