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Creating a combined tracking object in ProxySG result in the defined action being empty.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The ability to create combined objects in policy helps simplify policy. In this case creating a combined tacking object in VPN will fail to generate the defined object in CPL. No error will be returned by the VPM. The following example shows the empty defined action that is created.

;; Tab: [Web Access Layer (5)]
	Deny access_server(no) trace.request(yes)  trace.destination("test")	action.CombinedTrack4(yes)	; Rule 1

define action CombinedTrack4
end action CombinedTrack4



There is a bug in the code that generates the CPL code from VPM rules when creating a combined tracking object.



Currently the there are two workarounds for this issue.
1. use CPL instead of VPM
2. create two or more layers and have each layer apply a single object