Policy compilation warning after upgrading to SGOS


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


After upgrading to SGOS, you receive the error URL includes query component which shall be ignored inside category definition when installing policy, even though the same policy installed fine in previous versions. 

When you install policy the error indicates that the query component will be ignored, this means that anything after the question mark will be ignored.

For example:

If the URL in policy is  example.com/video/?search=example, the rule will only match based on example.com/video/.  This could potentially create many unwanted matched rules as it will allow anything after '…/video/'.


A change was made in and later in regards to how URLs are treated within a custom category. 





This is only an issue with policy-based categories. The standard URL definition process functions as expected. 

Via CPL(The double quotes are needed on each line):
Define condition query_urls
url=” example.com/video/?search=example1”
url=” example.com/video/?search=example2”
url=” example.com/video/?search=example3”
url=” example.com/video/?search=example4”
Condition= query_urls allow|den

Via VPM:
Add each URL as an individual object, then create a Combined Destination object that contains all of the newly created objects. Once complete replace your existing Category with the new Combined Object and install.