Why do some statistics on the ProxySG management console show a different time from the ProxySG appliance clock?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


ProxySG is set to certain timezone and time (in this example, Proxy time zone is UTC and time is 20:49:06):

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When displaying Traffic Mix information on this Proxy, the actual time is different:

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The time shown on the management console is, thus, not similar or compatible with the actual proxy time.

Why does this happen and how to correct it?


The reason this happens is because the management console takes its time (time showing on Statistics -> Traffic Details or Statistics -> Application Details) from the Java Console running on the PC where the management console is running:

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To change the management console time to match the time of the ProxySG, it is thus essential to:

1. Change the PC time to match that of the ProxySG:

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(Time on PC above changes but management console time is still the old value)

2. Restart Java Console (Windows Task Manager -> Processes -> java.exe -> Right-Click & End Process Tree -> Refresh Management Console to force Java to restart):

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Management Console time will now reflect that of the PC on which it is running, which reflects that of the actual ProxySG:

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