ProxySG management console shows access logging message "Stopped - Log Full"


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


ProxySG reporting that access logs are not being written to. Message in the management console shows that logging has stopped because the logs are full


If for what ever reason the ProxySG can not upload he logs, for example the designated server is unavailable or none has been configured, then the logs will fill up until they run out of space, at this stage the ProxySG will display a message

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To access this message, once logged into the management console, go to Statistics > Access Logging > Log Size


To resolve this make sure the servers defined to received the logs are up and running and in a state to receive the files.

The access logs can be manually deleted by issuing the following commands from the command line.

Blue Coat SG>enable
Enable Password:
Blue Coat SG#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
Blue Coat SG#(config)
Blue Coat SG#(config)access-log
Blue Coat SG#(config access-log)
Blue Coat SG#(config access-log)edit log ?
Blue Coat SG#(config access-log)edit log main
Blue Coat SG#(config log main)commands delete
Blue Coat SG#(config log main)

The logs will eventually fill up again unless the root cause has been resolved.
Disabling the logs will prevent this from happening while the underlying issue is resolved.