Proxy SG900 appliances report benign PSU core temperature 'No Input' Health Monitor warnings


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In very rare cases a single ProxySG 900 Power Supply Unit (PSU) might report the core temperature as "No Input".
After 10 seconds the status is corrected and returns to normal.

The following Event Log examples are from different units that reported the message:

2015-04-10 00:32:18-07:00PDT "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): PSU 2 core temperature is 'No Input'"
2015-04-10 00:32:28-07:00PDT "Health Monitor (OK): PSU 2 core temperature above 10.0"

2014-10-14 22:00:03+08:00CST  "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): PSU 1 core temperature is 'No Input'"
2014-10-14 22:00:13+08:00CST  "Health Monitor (OK): PSU 1 core temperature above 10.0"


In these instances, bogus PSU register values combined with synchronization of these registers and timing of SGOS health monitoring can result in "No Input" being reported.
After 10 seconds, when the now valid PSU register data is re-read, the status will correct itself and the Health Monitor status will change to (OK).


The following minimum SGOS versions include enhancements that will reduce the instances of these messages:

Symantec is not pursuing a fix for any remaining occurrences of these bogus "No Input" messages.

NOTE: These "No Input" messages do NOT indicate a hardware failure as they auto correct after 10 seconds; and as such, RMAs will not provide a resolution and will not be processed.


These rare benign messages do not affect PSU or Proxy functionality in any way and can be ignored.