Is the ProxySG appliance site-aware in Active Directory?


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


You would like to know if the ProxySG appliance is site-aware for Active Directory. If the appliance is site-aware, the Site attribute could be configured for the domain controllers (DCs) and ProxySG appliances, and allow the appliance to communicate with the local DC more reliably than to a non-local DC.


The appliance is site-aware.

The ProxySG appliance functions almost identically to a Windows machine that is joined to the domain. By configuring the Site attribute, the appliance queries for DCs within its site before querying for DCs that are not listed in its same site.
This can resolve issues where the ProxySG appliance is Schanneling with a non-local DC which can cause delays and overall degraded performance with IWA.