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What causes a S0C1 abend along with message TRAC200C - S0C1 ABEND IN GJTRVSCH to occur in Jobtrac Job Management?


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What causes TRAC200C - S0C1 ABEND IN GJTRVSCH to occur in Jobtrac Job Management?          


Release: JOBT..00200-11-Jobtrac-Job Management


The  TRAC200C - S0C1 ABEND IN GJTRVSCH can occur if the Datacom/AD dynamic extend fails for STG0161 area.  This is indicated in message DB01702I - DYNAMIC EXTEND OF AREA IXX00161 HAS FAILED.    

The dynamic extend fails if the STG0161 area is full and could not extend because the volume where the STG0161 file resides had no more room  or the STG0161 file reached 16 extents.  To correct this problem the STG0161 file will need to be enlarged.  Sample job DBMOVE can be used to increase the STG0161.  

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.