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JAVA console fails to load


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Management console fails to load when connecting over port 8082 after upgrading java to version 8 update 31. The MC loads properly when connecting over port 8081.




The issue occurs when Java is unable to validate the OCSP response for the installed device certificate.

To verify that you are seeing this issue you can enable java logging. To enable Java logging:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Java
  2. From the Java control panel, select Advanced.
  3. Under Java console, select the radio button for Show Console.
  4. Click Apply > OK
  5. Connect to management console over port 8082 and check for the following message: 
security: Failing over to CRLs: OCSP response does not include a response for a certificate supplied in the OCSP request



There is a bug open with Oracle for this issue:



To workaround this issue you can disable ocsp checking. Navigate to the Java control panel and configure Check for signed code certificate revocation using and Check for TLS certificate revocation using for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) . Alternatively use a version prior to update 31 (8u25 or lower).