How Do I Reset the Content Analysis Administrator Password?


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Content Analysis Software - CA


If you forget the administrative password for Content Analysis, you can reset it provided you have access to the appliance's serial console. 

** Note: this procedure will affect live traffic. Following step four, the appliance will restart the network interface. For this reason, Blue Coat recommends that you do not perform this change during production.


Please follow the steps below to reset the Content Analysis administrative password:
  1. Connect to the appliance using the serial console (or if Content Analysis VA, access the ESX server's console for your Content Analysis instance).
  2. Press ENTER 3 times to activate the console.
  3. Choose option 2: Setup.
  4. Leave the network settings (IP address, netmask, gateway, primary and secondary DNS) values as they are by pressing ENTER each time you are prompted.
  5. The network interface restarts.
  6. Enter No when prompted to Regenerate the ICAP certificate.
  7. Enter No when prompted to Regenerate the management console certificate.
  8. Enter the new admin password twice.