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Improve the view in converted SSL session .csv files for SSL Visibility Appliance


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Reviewing SSL session files and Wireshark captures to troubleshoot and analyze a problem can sometimes be daunting as the time fields for the two tools do not match up.  This can be improved by changing the time format on the time_display column on the Excel spreadsheet.  


  1. Select the time_display column within the Excel spreadsheet, then right click; you are presented with a menu.  
  2. Choose the option Format Cells; a new pane displays.  
  3. Choose the Number tab, and select Custom at the bottom of the listed options.  
  4. Within the Type text box, enter the following value "m/d/yy h:mm:ss.00;@". This will change the format to date, hour, seconds, and milliseconds. You may add an additional zero on the end to bring it down to thousandths.