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What does the youtube_http CachePulse function do?


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CacheFlow Appliance Software


The youtube_http CachePulse function is publically available to CacheFlow appliances running 3.4.x or higher as of CachePulse version 705468. This function is designed to promote YouTube HTTP connections, it does not intend to enforce them.

The following behaviour is expected on a client for which the policy takes effect:


  • If a user has been signed into YouTube and then YouTube is accessed via HTTP (for example by typing in the address bar), the user may no longer be signed in.
    • Workaround: The user can click on the Sign In button at the top right and should be logged in without requiring re-authentication.
  • The effectiveness of this policy function is dependent on web browser as well as geographic region. The policy was more effective for Chrome and Internet Explorer in Blue Coat testing.
  • If a browser gets redirected to HTTPS it will subsequently use HTTPS.


CF_CLI#inline policy local EOF_MARKER