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Flash over HTTP traffic does not HIT some streaming based policy conditions


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


SGOS V6 introduced new Flash(RTMP) proxy with an optional license.   If the ProxySG appliance does not have such a license installed, the appliance can still handle 'Flash over HTTP' traffic using the HTTP proxy service.
However, certain CPL policy conditions, such as
do not affect Flash over HTTP traffic.  This is expected behavior due to HTTP Proxy service is processing such traffic.


This only occurs when streaming flash http-handoff is set to disable because flash traffic processes HTTP-Proxy only, instead of Flash-Proxy.


The best scenario should be upgraded to Native Flash-Proxy capability on the proxySG, So advanced features about Flash streaming traffics also work on there.


Workaround is;
policy condition does work then hit such Flash over HTTP traffic, under such particular case