What does the MAA health monitor keep track of?


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Malware Analysis Software - MA



MAA Health Monitoring

The health monitoring will cover these objects:
Update/Upgrade state 
Open file handlers, used semaphores and connections
Memory usage
Redis (internal key/value store)
The MySQL database
License validity
Processing queue sizes
Disk usage
iVM and mobile VM state
RAID state

There is no hardware monitoring done by this process.
This means health monitor does not cover any system temperatures, S.M.A.R.T. states, fan states or other hardware features.
Checking Rules and current state

Checking the currently applied health rules can be done by navigating to https://<maa-ip>/rapi/system/health_rules in the browser, or by using the API: curl -X GET -k https://<maa-ip>/rapi/system/health_rules?token=<api-token>
Output format is JSON

To get the current health state detail hover the mouse cursor above the health icon in the UI:
User-added image

Or you can query /rapi/system/health the same way like the health rules (Browser and API)