How to obtain debug log files from a Malware Analysis Appliance (MAA)


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


Support may ask you to provide the support package for your MAA.  The file size varies from a few megabytes to hundreds of megabytes depending
on how many tasks have been processed over time.



Web UI:
  1. Log into you MAA appliance's WebUI
  2. Click Help from the menu bar and select support from the dropdown list.
  3. Now click on the Download Support Package button.
  4. Generating the file may take  several minutes. Your browser will start the download automatically once the package is ready.

  1. In cases where you are unable to access the WebUI, you can create this file from the CLI.
  2. Connect to MAA with SSH. Login with the g2 user and password. Change to root user context:  
$ sudo -s
  1. Now run the script for generating the syslog tarball:
$ /opt/mag2/usr/sbin/
The syslog file file gets created in /tmp/debug-<date>.tar.gz
  1. Now copy this file to you local machine using a tool like WinSCP or using SCP from the CLI of you Linux computer.
The Support Package can now be uploaded to BTO as a case attachment.