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After upgrading to PS 9.2.10, the HTTPS web management is not accessible


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PacketShaper SSL debug shows:
sslproxy: SSL_accept failed returns -1 errno 0
To initiate SSL debug, issue the following CLI commands:

sys e set httpsd blurt 
sys e clear all
generate SSL traffic
sys e d
(run a few times)

Packet capture shows that after PacketShaper receives client hello, it responds with a handshake failure error  bad record mac

Note: After doing a packet capture, return to the original setting by typing:

sys e set httpsd warn


1) Capture the output of the following CLI commands:
setup https show
setup ssl test

2) Initiate the following command:

setup https certificate

3) Wait for 5 minutes, and then clear the browser cache. Then try to browse again.

This will regenerate the certificate and should fix the problem.

If it does not fix the issue, please upload the CLI output (ssl debug, setup https show, setup ssl test) and the file to Blue Coat Support.