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SWG VA not downloading the BCWF database


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SWG VA-100


The Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance (SWG VA) does not download the Blue Coat WebFilter (BCWF)  database even though both the username and password fields for BCWF are empty as stated in the Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance Initial Configuration Guide.


Even though the username/password fields appear empty, they contain values. To confirm if this is the case, check the SysInfo. The following is an example:

!- BEGIN content_filtering
content-filter ;mode
provider iwf enable
provider bluecoat enable
bluecoat ;mode
download encrypted-password "** Password suppressed **"   
service secure disable
!- END content_filtering

The line download encrypted-password "** Password suppressed **"  indicates a password is present.


Clear the BCWF username and password fields:
  1. In the Management Console, select Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat WebFilter.
  2. Click Change Password.
  3. In the New Password field type any string and then delete it.
  4. Do the same in the Confirm New Password field. 
  5. Click OK and then click Apply.
Both fields should be blank. Click Download Now. The BCWF database should download successfully. You can confirm this by clicking View Download Status.