Collecting hardware diagnostic logs on Dell-based Security Analytics appliances


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If Dell support requires hardware diagnostic logs:

1) Download the Dell Support Live (DSP Live) ISO, this is also called "SLI" by Dell.  Download the latest SLI from Dell HERE.  Once there, find the link at the bottom to download the Support Live Image.

2) Make a bootable device by either burning the ISO to a DVD, or creating a USB thumb drive.

Blue Coat support recommends using a USB thumb drive that makes it easier to get the report file off of the appliance
a) If using the ISO burned to a DVD, a portable USB DVD drive will be needed to boot - there is no DVD drive in the appliance
b) A bootable USB thumb drive can be created from the ISO using the Rufus utility, available at:

3) With the bootable USB drive (thumb drive or DVD) in place, reboot the server.

4) At boot time press F11 key for Boot options

5) At the Boot Options screen select the correct USB boot device
a) If booting from a USB DVD drive, select DVD
b) If booting from a USB thumb drive, select Harddrive c: and look for the connected USB thumb drive

6) Upon boot to the device, the SLI boot menu will be displayed. Select the appropriate option to boot the SLI image
Blue Coat support recommends the Linux-based diagnostics, this option has a GUI and is easy to work with.

7) Once inside the diagnostics GUI, run DSET (Dell System E-support Tool). This will run for a while (several minutes without much output), and will save a report file.
The report file will be named like this: DSET-Report-for-[<service_tag>-]-on-<date>-at-<time>.zip

8) Copy the report file to the thumb drive or to another server via SCP/FTP.

9) Please provide the ZIP file to Blue Coat support, who will contact Dell to have them review the report and determine the next steps.