Schedule a report to be sent via email


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The following article describes how to schedule a report to be sent via email.


Please performed the following steps to email schedule reports, using Reporter.

Note: If you create a custom report (for example, with filter applied), you must save that report before you can create a schedule task.
1. Each top-level report contains a Schedule button.
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2. Select the report format.
3. From the Report Data drop-down list, select how many rows of the report are generated.
4. Select which action occurs.
5. Send report by email: Selecting this option expands the field and displays fields to enter e-mail recipient information.
6. Specify how often the report generates.
7. In the Description field, accept the default, which is the report name, or enter a custom string.
8. Apply a filter to the generated report.

Sample output of 2-7 settings screen capture,
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Please make sure you configure the Reporter email server so that the schedule email can be sent.
In the upper-right corner of the Reporter interface, click Administration. Reporter displays the General Settings tab.

1. Click on System Settings > External Server > Email.
2. Enter the Email Server details.
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3. Click Save.