Backing up the security file using FDR
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Backing up the security file using FDR


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How to backup the security file using FDR.

It appears that we are currently doing an FDR backup of our TSS security file. Reading the documentation, it looks to me like we should be doing the FDR backup on the TSS backup file, not the security file. Is that correct?

Also, should we be doing a backup of the VSAMBKUP file?

I also understand that TSSRCVR1, TSSRCVR2, TSSB, and TSSN should all be setup and defined as started tasks. Correct?


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security


You should never backup a live security file. If TSS is down, then it is ok. If it is up, never backup the security file.. While it is up, enqueue records are being written and remove. This can cause problems when you restore the security file. An enqueue records might exist for a record that is not really being enqueued, when you restore the backup.

This is why we recommend backing up the TSS backup file. It is opened and then close only for the backup once a day. All enqueues are closed after the backup. This allows you to backup without bringing down TSS.

Yes you should also backup the VSAM backup files.

Technically you dont have to, but it is a good practice to define TSSRCVR1, TSSRCVR2, TSSB, and TSSN as started task for recovery purposes. Makes it easier when you need to recover.