How to export SSL Private key and Certificate from ProxyAV


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ProxyAV Software - AVOS


The following article describes how to export the Private Key/Certificate added in ProxyAV. This is often used for backup purposes or to reconfigure the device after a restore factory default.


Note: Private keys will only allow exporting if Show option was selected during the time of Keyring creation

Steps for taking the backup of Private Key
  1. Navigate to WebConsole (ProxyAV) > Advanced > SSL Keyrings
  2. Under the section Export Keyrings, select the Keyring name for which you would like to export the Private Key. Export will only work if Show option is having a value of yes. Example belowSSL Keyrings Page
  1. Click Export
  2. This will take you to a page where you can view the Private Key for the specific Keyring.
  3. Copy and save it in a text file.

You can also make use of the Password option to encrypt the private key during exporting.

Steps for taking the backup of Certificate
  1. Navigate to WebConsole (ProxyAV) > Advanced > SSL Certificates
  2. Select the respective Keyring name from the drop down under Keyring:
  3. Copy the content showing up in the section of Certificate and save it in a text file