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What happens when my ProxyAV scanning license expires?


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ProxyAV Software - AVOS


This article applies to the following questions:
  • What happens when my ProxyAV scanning license expires?
  • My ProxyAV is no longer scanning my files and my AV license is expired?



ProxyAV license is expired


License expiration warning messages will be sent to the ProxyAV admins prior to license expiration.  ProxyAV allows a seven day grace period, following the expiration of a ProxyAV scanning license. During this period, your ProxyAV appliance will still have access to updates and can be used to scan data.

1. Within the grace period the ProxyAV is able to perform AV scanning and AV signature updates.

2. After the seven day grace period the ProxyAV will return the exception message detailed below. AV scanning and AV signature updates are no longer functional.

ICAP Error (icap_error)
An error occurred while performing an ICAP operation: Server unavailable: No ICAP server is available to process request.
There could be a network problem, the ICAP service may be misconfigured, or the ICAP server may have reported ab error.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

3. Go to ProxyAV management console you will notice that the license details include a note that reads, Not activated if the grace period is over. If it is within the grace period, the license term were show Grace period - <nn> day(s) left".

Please contact your Blue Coat Sales representative, (seach if you don't know who your sales representative is) or contact Blue Coat Customer Support for licensing assistance. you can update your ProxyAV license.