Block executable downloads with Web Security Services portal


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Web Security Service - WSS


You want to block users from downloading executables files from any browser using Symantec Web Security Services (WSS) portal.


Block users to download executables files using a Block Content Filtering Rule

  1. Go to Solutions mode > Content Filtering > Policy
  2. Locate the existing rule that you want to edit or create a new rule.
  3. The Content and Limits column in the Policy Editor wizard is where you add restrictions for File Type.
  4. In the desired rule, click the pencil icon in the Content and Limits option to edit it and under File Type select Executables.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Save Rule.
  7. Click Activate to enable the rule.

NOTE: If the URL to download the file is over HTTPS, you need "SSL Interception" enabled in order for Web Security Services (WSS) to block downloads.