Understanding message XCOMN0288E or XCOMU0288E
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Understanding message XCOMN0288E or XCOMU0288E


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Transfer to Windows or Unix/Linux ends with message:
XCOMN0288E System function failed, RC=nn
XCOMU0288E System function failed, RC=nn

Was the transfer successful or not?


Release: 11.6
Components: XCOM Data Transport for Windows, XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC, XCOM Data Transport for UNIX


An XCOM transfer can fail due to many different reasons, from invalid Userid and Password, Network Problems, Allocation problems, Unicode Conversion trouble and so on.

There are a lot of different Error Messages for these events:

 XCOMN0416E Error writing output file: No such file or directory
 XCOMN0929E Unicode conversion detected malformed characters.
 XCOMN0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi 211: Socket connect error return value = nnnnn
 XCOMN0302E Unable to open local input file: No such file or directory
 XCOMN0410E Error sending feature negotiation record: Txpi 227 

Messages XCOMN0288E/XCOMU0288E are different:
 XCOMN0288E System function failed, RC=nn
 XCOMU0288E System function failed, RC=nn

These messages appear in two cases:
1. If transfer a file to Windows or Unix/Linux and one of the optional pre/post processing (CMD) parameters are enabled in the xcom.glb file which runs a script that does not end successfully i.e. Pre-allocation - XPRECMD, Post-Incoming Transfer - XPPCMD, Post Transfer - XENDCMD, Printing - XLPCMD, Notification - XNOTIFYCMD.
How to Use the Pre-allocation Script
How to Use XCOM Data Transport for Windows Processing Scripts

2. If transfer a batch file script to Windows or Unix/Linux and that batch script does not successfully execute.

In both cases, the system() function is used to initiate these scripts under the USERID used in the file transfer. It returns an error that is documented in the RC at the end of the message.

So the transfer itself went well but the script execution caused a problem. In such cases, the script file needs to be debugged, as the error is outside of the scope of XCOM itself.
Check the xcom.glb file (XCOM_HOME config directory) for any CMD parameter(s) that has been enabled and then look at the contents of the script that the CMD refers to. Add debug information to that script to troubleshoot the problem e.g. redirect all output from commands executed in that script to an output file for review after the error occurs.

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