How to tell when policy was last installed and by whom.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Sometimes you may want to see when policy was last installed and by who, this information is kept for a short while in the Event Log on the appliance.  Once the Event Log rolls over however this data will no longer be available.

Please note:
The ProxySG does not log what changes where made, only that they were made, as this is the case it is always good practice to backup your policy before making changes. For information on how to backup the VPM policy please see How to export and import the Visual Policy Manager (VPM).


In the Event Log search for the following:

"Config admin at 'username', installed new VPM Policy File and VPM XML File"

Local Policy:
"Config admin at'username', installed new Local Policy File"

Forward Policy
"Config admin at 'username', installed new Forward Policy File"

Central Policy:
"Config admin at 'username', installed new new Central Policy File"

To view the full event log please use the following link: